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Fight Ailments and Other Undesirables with Rosemary

From soups and stews to veggies and sides, herbs work wonders for ordinary meals. Rosemary is among the most popular, giving lamb, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, sauces and stuffings a nice boost. It also dishes out a wide range of benefits during the growing process and beyond, making this innocent, tough-leafed little plant a powerful ally to have on your side.

Growing Rosemary

Rosemary can certainly be grown outside in the garden using fertilizers and equipment from It also grows well in pots around the house both indoors and out. It needs warm soil with ample drainage and requires little water. If you forget to give it a drink, even for several days in a row, it won't hold a grudge. Since rosemary can grow to be four feet tall and spread out just as much in every direction, it needs plenty of space. If you notice tiny flowers sprouting on its upshoots, be sure to pinch them off so the plant will continue to grow and thrive.

What Health Benefits Will Rosemary Provide?

Like basil, rosemary is packed with anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, so it'll fight off cell damage and help keep the symptoms of a number of conditions at bay. Certain studies indicate it may even cause brain cells to age more slowly than normal. For centuries, this herb has been used to treat indigestion. When used in aromatherapy, it can potentially improve focus, concentration and recall as well.

Beyond the Mind, Body and Kitchen

Rosemary's oils give off a strong aroma known to be repulsive to a number of garden-eating pests, including flies and cabbage moths. On the other end of the scale, it attracts bees and hummingbirds to encourage pollination. It's also powerful enough to repel mosquitoes and all the woes they bring along with them. You can boil rosemary in water to create an effective spray-on insect repellent as well.

Rosemary can certainly benefit from the use of fertilizer and distribution pumps available through Having said that, it's a hardy plant capable of surviving even without water and significant amounts of nutrients. It even helps other plants thrive. This mild-looking herb has a strong, wonderful flavor and powerful health benefits, making it the perfect addition to any home and garden.